I Have 5 Credit Cards, This is How I Feel About Each of Them

A full review of the 5 credit cards I currently have and use. Pros and cons. Let’s go!

Just as a quick preface, I do not carry balances on any of these credit cards so I couldn’t even tell you what the interest rates are. Literally no idea. Doesn’t impact me. I can say that none of these have annual fees! Also, none of these cards / companies gave me any form of compensation (or will even see this article probably) so these are purely unbiased reviews!

Credit Card ReviewWhy are my cards so dirty lol

5. The Lowe’s Advantage Card ✰✰✰

Going in order from least used to most used here. Coming in hot with the Lowe’s card as my least used card.

Ever been in a store, about to make a big purchase, and the salesperson just knocks the credit card pitch out of the park? That’s how I ended up with this bad boy. No annual fee, 5% off anything I buy at Lowe’s, and I got like $100 off the washer / dryer combo for signing up! Not a bad day in the office!

I don’t have a ton to say about this card as I am not in Lowe’s often, but here are my pros and cons:


  • Nice discount on that one purchase.

  • No annual fee.

  • Ridiculously high credit limit (probably not a guarantee across the board, but I got this card a few months ago and was given a way higher limit than I have on all of my other cards. No complaints from me!).

  • 5% off products in store.


  • I don’t spend much time or money at Lowe’s.

  • Their app is really inconvenient. They use a menu buried very deep in the regular Lowe’s app. The one time I had to pay off my balance (from that initial purchase) (Always pay balances off in full before they are due) I struggled to navigate the app.

All said and done, not a bad card. 3 stars.

4. The Apple Card ✰✰

I don’t actually have much against this card, I’m just really bitter about one thing. I’ll hit it in the Cons section below.

This card is one of the all time easiest credit cards to acquire. If you have an iPhone, it takes like 5 minutes (maybe less). That was pretty cool.

If memory serves, and if Goldman hasn’t changed their algorithm, they’re pretty quick to give you a credit limit of somewhere around 10% of your annual income so that’s not too bad.

The cash back is pretty meh, somewhat standard for a company-specific card.1% on all purchases, 2% if you use Apple Pay, 3% on Apple products.


  • Titanium card. You feel like an absolute boss when you throw this bad boy down on the table.

    • If you happen to be the person in charge of credit cards at your company, spare no expense in making your cards metal. It is the all time coolest thing.

  • No annual fee.

  • Backed by Goldman Sachs, makes you feel cool. No real benefit.

  • App is extremely easy to use.


  • I mentioned I would get to this, I am pretty adamant about requesting credit limit increases on a regular basis (I wrote several articles on credit, this one is pretty relevant). I was able to get roughly a10% increase after 6 months of owning the card. Another 6 months later, my annual income had increased by more than 50% (story for another day) and when I requested an increase, the big fellas at Goldman said no because I, “don’t use the card much” (this is true, I do not) and I found that very uncool.

  • 1% cash back is not enough for me to use this card on a regular basis

All said and done, eh. 2 stars.

3. Verizon Visa Card ✰✰✰✰

I know what you’re thinking, what? That can’t be right. Wrong.

I use this card for one thing and one thing only, my monthly phone bill. I get $10 a month knocked off of my phone bill, I get a few % in cash back when I pay my phone bill, what else could I ask for?

Also, another metal card. Give the credit card designer at Verizon a raise.


  • Metal card. Enough said.

  • Makes my phone bill cheaper and I don’t even have to do anything.

  • No annual fee.


  • I actually can’t think of any. I really don’t use this for anything other than my phone bill.

All said and done, nothing to complain about. 4 stars.

2. Capital One Quicksilver Card ✰✰✰✰

1.5% cash back is not bad. Not bad at all.

There isn’t much to say about this card. It gets the job done, the cash back is pretty decent. I use this here and there, you’ll see why I don’t use it more often when you read about card #1.


  • Solid cash back.

  • Fills in the gaps that card #1 (my most used card) has.

  • No annual fee.

  • Great app.


  • Super low credit limit. Lowest out of all of my cards. Cap One is pretty stingy with their credit, I think they know that I’m not going to make them the big bucks(or any money at all) by carrying any balance.

All said and done, not so bad. 4 stars.

1. Bank of America Cash Rewards ✰✰✰✰

Yes, I use this card the most. Nobody is perfect, no 5 stars here.

Actually, I will probably have several more cards this time next year and if any of them blow my mind, 5 stars is not impossible.

Back to the card. The only reason I use this card a lot is actually 2 reasons.

Reason 1 – 3% cash back on the category of my choosing. I chose dining out, that is where the majority of my miscellaneous expenses come from. Bars usually roll up into this category as well. Aside from investing and paying bills, I don’t spend a ton of money on a ton of stuff. In the event that I want to completely disregard what I just said, my wife actually has this card too and we have her 3% category set to online shopping. Money hack.

Reason 2- I get 2% cash back on gas & groceries. 2% > 1.5% (sorry Quicksilver card).


  • Cash back where I actually need it.

  • App is decent enough.

  • BOA has pretty strong customer service. Don’t waste your time trying to chat the support team, just call in.

  • 3% on the category of your choosing is cool.

  • No annual fee.


  • Category based cash back is somewhat limiting, lots of cards do it, this is just what I have currently found to be the best option for me.

All said and done, good enough, just not perfect. 4 stars.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read this! If you know of a credit card that I absolutely need to have, I will almost definitely get it (if it’s good). Just let me know! You also should not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, thoughts, or suggestions!

My contact information can be found here!


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